Relaxation & Sound Therapy Workshops

We offer group relaxation, mindfulness & sound bath sessions every Wednesday at Thorne OAP Welfare Centre, Church Street, DN8 5BE.  

The sessions run from 1pm - 2pm and again at 6pm - 7pm The cost is £10 per person. 

Please book your place by texting or calling 07775 881957 and enjoy some deep relaxation therapy & escapism. 

You will need a Yoga mat, a blanket and a cushion (or equivalent, for your comfort) Eye masks are optional & all items are available for hire.

About Sound Healing

Sound healing is one of the oldest forms of healing  known to man.  Scientists have proved that every living thing has it's own vibrational frequency and us humans are no exception.   The human body resonates at a certain frequency, usually 432Hz but this frequency can become interrupted by external factors such as pollution,  technology, stress, chemicals, pesticides, toxins, bereavement etc and when our body becomes 'out of tune' we can become depressed, fatigued, confused & ill.  If we remain out of our natural frequency for prolonged periods of time  then these conditions can become chronic, leading to disease, serious illnesses and mental health problems. 

Sound  Healing (also known as Sound therapy, Gong baths or Solfeggio Healing) will work to re-align any damaged frequencies and re-tune your body  back to it's natural state and restore your natural health and well-being.   This type of therapy is often used for stress management, due to it's calming and relaxing sounds and vibrations.  It is great for treating anxiety, depression, self esteem, confidence, sleep disorders, health problems, mental health issues, headaches/migraines, high blood pressure, mental attitude, & clearer thinking.  It is also good for pain management and palliative care.  

It is also great for anyone wishing to enlighten their soul as it raises your frequency to connect with our universe.   Sound Healing is great for children, as well as adults and is even great during pregnancy.  Once you have reached 18 weeks gestation , your baby can hear the sounds and will already begin to resonate with the natural rhythms.  This helps with fetal development and has been said to help with mother & baby bonding.  It has even been proven to help with feeding and sleeping once your baby has been born. 

If mother and baby continue  sound therapy sessions after the birth it can also help prevent post natal depression and aid with longer sleep patterns for your baby.  

We offer Sound Therapy as a One to One sessions, Corporate Well-being, Mindfulness Events and Group Therapy Classes

Singing Bowls

Singing bowls can be placed on the recipient for deeper healing & vibrational frequencies

Sound Therapy for Children

Children are really responsive to sound healing and experience improved behavior,  sleeping, wellness & learning ability. 

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Hapi drums & singing bowls are a great way to relax and unwind, we can show you how to use them for your own personal use, anywhere, anytime!