For further information on my corporate well-being and wellness programs, contact me, in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.  07775 881957

Experience Corporate Wellness in Doncaster

For all of your stress management needs!  We offer a range of corporate wellness and well-being services for your employees and workplace.  

These services are mainly tailored to high-stress work environments, including call centres with targets to hit but we are happy to offer our services to any 

corporation that would like to introduce wellness in the workplace and benefit from a great team spirit. 

With Phoenix Therapy, based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, you can experience a range of treatments to help your staff feel happier, 

healthier, proactive, confident and stress free, aiding in better performance, moral, attendance and company growth. 

What we can offer

  • Relaxation  and Mindfulness
  • Sound Therapy (Highly recommended)
  • Hypnotic Meditation
  • On-Site Office Massage